Aiko 3 Ton Hand Pallet Truck | Model : PT-CBY3 - Aikchinhin

Aiko 3 Ton Hand Pallet Truck | Model : PT-CBY3

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Aiko 3 Ton Pallet Truck | Model : W3N, CBY

Warranty : 

  • 3 months for the Hydraulic pump only : Limited to Manufacturer's Fault

Features : 

  • One Piece cast pump unit 
  • Durable power coat paint finish to last through the tough work ahead of its lifespan
  • Ergonomic rubber handle to protect your hands while using the pallet trucks
  • High quality load wheels and rollers

Specifications :

Model : Wheel Type : Overall Fork Width : Fork Length : Lowered Fork Height :
Single Nylon 550mm 1150mm 85mm
PT-CBY3P-520-2 Double PU 520mm 1150mm 85mm
PT-CBY3P-685-2  Double PU 685mm 1220mm 85mm
PT-CBY3N-550L (Super Low) Single Nylon 550mm 1150mm 65mm
PT-CBY3P-68518-2 (Long) Double PU 685mm 1800mm 85mm
PT-CBY3P-68516-2 Double PU 685mm 1600mm 85mm
PT-CBY3P-55018-2 Double PU 550mm 1800mm 85mm
PT-CBY3P-68516-2LP (Long & Low) Double PU 685mm 1600mm 65mm
PT-CBY3P-550-2 Double PU 550mm 1150mm 85mm
PT-CBY3P-55016-2 (Long) Double PU 550mm 1600mm 85mm