Riland HS2-RL301 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (Solar) | Model : HS2-RL301


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Riland HS2-RL301 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet (Solar) | Model : HS2-RL301

Features : 

  • 【Upgrade for Best Eye Protection With the double-layered auto-darkening filter (ADF) & advanced self developed
    light control chip, the welding helmet provide accurate wide spectral range 4-10-13. It is auto
    darkening within 1/350000s when arc starts, and delay 0.2s-1.0s to shift from dark to light. The DIN16 UV/IR
    protection isolate welders from harmful lights at any shade level.
  • 【Larger viewing & 1/1/1/1 Top Optical Clarity With SUPER LARGE VIEWING SIZE 1.90"X3.80", the
    auto darkening welding helmet optimizes the diffusion of light, variation of luminous transmittance make
    welders see larger area clearly at different angles. 1/1/1/1 OPTICAL CLARITY, provides clearest field of view.
  • 【Eliminate sunlight interference TechThe 2 sensitive arc sensors with highly responsive detecting &
    controlling units minimize false triggering, so the welding hood is less sensitive to sun/workshop lights and
    more responsive to welding arc like TIG, MIG, MMA. The adjustable sensitivity & delay settings suit for
    different application and task duration, meets all kinds of personalized demands. Adopt rechargeable polymer
    lithium battery, automatic infinite cycle charge and discharge, lifetime maintenance-free battery.
  • 【Adjustable Design & High-Impact Material auto darkening lens and pivot style headgear eliminates
    flipping up and down the hood. The headband is adjustable to fits all sizes of heads. Made of super durable
    and lightweight materials. Weight only 500g, the grinding welder mask minimizes stress on the head and neck,
    offering maximum comfort for long-time work.
  • 【Wide Application Our auto darkening solar powered welding helmet suits for various application like
    automotive, construction, food & beverage manufacturing, metal production,

Specifications : 

  • Product Name RL 301
  • Brand RILAND
  • Product Color Black
  • Pattern Patented Arc Face Design
  • Power Source Rechargeable polymer lithium battery
  • Battery Life Infinite cycle charge and discharge
  • Battery Type 3.7V/ 200mAh
  • UV Protection DIN 16
  • Filter Type Auto-darkening
  • Lens Shade 4, 10, 13
  • Number of Sensors 2
  • Sensitivity 5 Level (TIG>1A & MIG/MAG, Stick)
  • Switching Time (Light-Dark) 0.08 ms @ 73°F (23°C), 1/35000s
  • Parameter of RL301 helmet
  • Viewing Area (Imperial) LCD - 1.9 in x 3.8 in
  • Viewing Area (Metric) LCD - 48 mm x 96 mm
  • Headgear Type Welding Helmet with Grinding Visor
  • Material Polypropylene
  • Weight 1.1 pounds/ 0.5Kg
  • Product Dimensions 13.78 x 8.66 x 9.45 inches/ 350 mm x 220 mm x 240 mm
  • Visor Type Clear Visor and Auto-Darkening Filter
  • Welding Features Advanced Headgear, Grinding Visor
  • Welding Process Grinding, MIG/MAG, SMAW, Tack Welding, TIG, Plasma Cutting
  • Recommended Industry General Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation


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