Airstrong 415V/50Hz 8Bar 3 in 1 Screw Compressor with Tank & Air Dryer | Germany Rotorcomp Screw | Model : A-AHB-

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Airstrong  415V/50Hz 8Bar 3 in 1 Screw Compressor with Tank & Air Dryer | Germany Rotorcomp Screw | Model : A-AHB

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Features : 

  • Ultimate reliability : 
    • Airstong is so confident in the performance of these compressors, that we offer a choice of extended warranty packages designed to provide you with maximum operating security. Smart integration eliminates leaks and pressure drops, ensuring maximum reliability.
  • Ultimate Efficiency
    • Delivers more air for less horsepower, saving thousands of dollars per year on energy. Eliminates wasteful unloaded running by cycling the compressor on/off.
  • Ultimate Flexibility
    • With a simplified, easy to maintain structure and with long life components, a trouble-free operation is provided. Compact machine design provides minimum working space.
  • A Revolutionary Advancement 
    • Going far beyond combining the compressor, dryer and filters in package, smart integration also: Eliminates vulnerable interconnecting piping. Minimizes pressure losses and drops, integrates the compressor, dryer and filter into an energy-reducing, optimized system. Incorporates the entire supply-side system into one whisper-quiet package, enabling installation virtually anywhere. Provides generous space to promote cooling and to allow unobstructed service.
  • Dry and Clean Compressed Air
    • All total air system packages come fully equipped with an integral , energy-saving air treatment center including a high performance air dryer and filtration pack to remove water, oil and particles from the air stream. All components are perfectly matched to deliver the right air quality to increase air-powered tool and system equipment life.
  • High - Efficiency Components
    • Setting the standard in system design. The total air system incorporates only the highest quality components to ensure that both system efficiency and productivity are maximized a high-efficiency compressor room without the hassle, complexity and costs of the traditional compressor room. Total Air system packages come fully equipped with: A high- efficiency rotary screw air compressor. An energy saving cycling refrigerated air dryer. A high-efficiency coalescing filter. A high-efficiency particulate filter. An integral air receiver storage tank. Integrated compressor and dryer controls. Low pressure drop piping.
  • Benefits Are Virtually Endless
    • Plug-and-play simplicity, eliminates the leading causes of failure in air systems: incorrect sizing and installation. Virtually no install costs, eliminates 80% of install time, material and costs. Integral packaging saves valuable floor space for other uses. Lifetime power saving through highly efficient components. Increased productivity through better air quality. Eliminates water and corrosion resulting in extended tool and equipment life. 


Specification : 

  • Model : AHB-10A
    • Motor power : 10 HP /7.5(KW)
    • Free Air Deliver : 1.1 (m3/min) 
    • Free Air Deliver : 39 (CFM)
    • Discharge Pressure : 0.8 (MPA)
    • Tank Volume : 300 (L)
    • Electricity : 380/5/50 (V/ph/Hz)
    • Weight : 425 (KG)
    • Size : 1900x730x1520
  • Model : AHB-15A
    • Motor power : 15 HP /11(KW)
    • Free Air Deliver : 1.5 (m3/min) 
    • Free Air Deliver : 53 (CFM)
    • Discharge Pressure : 0.8 (MPA)
    • Tank Volume : 300 (L)
    • Electricity : 380/5/50 (V/ph/Hz)
    • Weight : 475 (KG)
    • Size : 1900x700x1630
  • Model : AHB-20A
    • Motor power : 20 HP /15(KW)
    • Free Air Deliver : 2.3 (m3/min) 
    • Free Air Deliver : 81 (CFM)
    • Discharge Pressure : 0.8 (MPA)
    • Tank Volume : 500 (L)
    • Electricity : 380/5/50 (V/ph/Hz)
    • Weight : 540 (KG)
    • Size : 2000x800x1800


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