Alteco 3 Ton 4min Quick Epoxy Adhesive A+B | Model : EPOXY3T


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Alteco 3 Ton 4min Quick Epoxy Adhesive A+B | Model : EPOXY3T

Features :

  • Alteco Epoxy 3 Ton A+B is the adhesive for households and industries. 
  • Suitable for repairs and welds.
  • Makes superior bond strength 
  • Bonds to all metal, plastic, rubber, wood, ceramic, glass and concrete.
  • Resistant to alkali, oil, solvent and chemicals
  • Non-flammable, non-shrinking and waterproof
  • Makes metallic finish 
  • Can be filed, grinded and drilled

Directions : 

  1. Surface to be repaired should be cleaned, dry and free of oil
  2. Pierce ends of tubes using cap. Squeeze equal amount of Resin (A) and Hardener (B) from each tube and mix thoroughly until an uniform colour is achieved. Mix only what you can use immediately.
  3. Apply to surface to be repaired. Remove excess epoxy
  4. Sets in 3 - 5 mins

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