Condor Pressure Switch Mdr2/11 (258872) | Model : SWITCH-MDR2


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Condor Pressure Switch Mdr2/11 (258872) | Model : SWITCH-MDR2

Features : 

  • To adjust cut in / cut out pressure turn +/- Factory setting 100psi cut in & 125 cut out.
    To adjust differential turn It should not be necessary to make this adjustment (factory set to about 2bar (29psi)

  • Note: Setting higher pressure will not get the machine to make more air, and the working pressure of the tank must not be exceeded. Also note the Super16 is a single stage compressor with a max working pressure of 9 bar (140psi)

Specifications : 

  • Single phase
  • Switching capacity 2.2 kW
  • Max. cut-out pressure 12 bar
  • 2-pole (N.C.)
  • Rated operational current at 240V: 20A

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