Davco 1L and 5L Clear Acrylic Sealer | Model : DAVCO-TCAS


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Davco 1L and 5L  Clear Acrylic Sealer | Model : DAVCO-TCAS

Davco Tufseal is a highly durable non-yellowing clear acrylic sealer. Davco Tufseal is UV resistant and is ideal for interior and exterior usage.

Uses :

As a protective sealer on unglazed quarry tiles, slates, pavers, roof tiles, marble, terrazzo. As a dustproofer onto concrete, precast concrete, masonry. As a water repellent protection to brickwall and fairface brickwall. Seals porous surface to prevent fungus and algae growth.

Advantages :

Prevent migration of water stains, dirt, oil and grease. Non-yellowing when exposed to sunlight. Excellent water repelling characteristic. Protect substrate against deterioration, weathering and carbonation. Unaffected by most alkali, mild acid, oil, grease, detergent and some mild solvent.

Surface Preparation :

For new or old substrates, surfaces should be free from dirt, grease, fungus/algae and any loose matter. Surface should be dry and free from stains. New concrete surface should have a minimum of 7 days curing period before applying Davco Tufseal.

To clean up Davco Tufseal, use mineral turpentine.

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