4" Granite Pad Polishing | Model: PAD-4G

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4" Granite Pad Polishing | Model: PAD-4G


Granite is a very durable type of natural stone material. However, that does not mean that the fabricator uses just any old polishing pad to polish it. Fabricators use specific polishing pads and techniques produce various finishes. Antiquing and leather texturing are two examples of granite finishes. 


  • 30/ 50 grit –  HEAVY GRINDING - Typically used to remove deep scratches and heavy damage or removing the scratch paten from metal grinding stages. These aggressive grits will leave the surface rough and visible scratches will be present. 

  • 100/200 grit – HONING – Used to remove moderately deep scratches or damage. These grits will leave the surface smooth to the touch but still considered anti slip when wet. No shine will be present and the scratches left behind will be barely visible if at all. 

  • 400/ 800 grit – FINE HONING – These grits are considered the starting steps in the polishing process. Used to remove light scratches, acid etching and general ware damage. These grits will produce a dull to satin shine. 

  • 1500/3000 – POLISHING – The final stages in the polishing process. These grits are to fine to remove any damage and will only produce shine, if surface damage is present use a lower grit. If the process has been completed correctly a mirror shine will be achieved

Credit to: https://www.stonetools.com.au/blogs/news/choosing-the-correct-grit

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