KS Hand Sprayer KS-1.5 1.5L | Model : SPRAYER-TCS15

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KS Hand Sprayer KS-1.5 1.5L | Moedel : SPRAYER-TCS15

Suitable for flowering and household gardening disinfection. Convenient to use with one-touch type spray handle. Safety valve for preventing overpressure is installed so as to be safe for use.


  • Body
  • Body base
  • Cap
  • Pumping rod
  • Nozzle lance
  • Pressure Releasing value
  • Locker



  • Tighten nozzle lance into the sprayers
  • Open the cap, pour liquid into sprayer at medium level (about 70% of tank's capacity)
  • Pump from 10 to 15 times to get enough pressure for spraying 
  • Press and hold the locker continuously while spraying 
  • After using, pull the releasing valve to release the remains of pressure in the sprayer, pour out the remains of liquid and wash the sprayer with clean water

Body Poleethylene
Dimension (LxWxH)(mm) 140x200x330
Netweight(kg) 0.5
Tank capacity(Ltr) 1.5
Working pressure(kg/cm2) 0.2~0.3


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