Makita Cordless Fan Jacket | Model : DFJ410Z | Type : Body only, With 12V Adaptor, With 18V Adaptor (Size L only)


Type: Body only
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Features : 

  • For General Work.
  • Titanium-coated polyester material with UV and IR reflection
  • Never use the fan jacket where temperature reaches more than 50°C (122°F). Otherwise it may cause burns on your skin. Also avoid using in high humidity.

Specifications : 

  • Run time (with BL1860B) : 
    • Hi : 13.5 hr
    • Mid : 24.5 hr
    • Lo : 33 hr
  • Air Flow Settings : Turbo / High / Medium / Low
  • Max. Run time : 33hr
  • Size : L 
  • Net weight : 0.47kg

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