Makita DCL280FZB 18 Brushless Stick Vacuum (Body Only)| Model: M-DCL280FZB


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Makita DCL280FZB 18 Brushless Stick Vacuum | Model: M-DCL280FZB

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  • Capsule Type Dust Collection – to remove accumulated dust point the suction inlet down & twist the capsule removing it from the housing then dispose of dust.
  • Enhanced Durability – dust resistance has been improved by new filter structure protecting the motor from dust.
  • HEPA Filter – provides a high filtration rate of 99.97% at 0.3 micron.
  • LED Job light – single LED job light operates when the trigger is engaged illuminating the work area. Light also functions as a battery capacity warning light & will blink as battery capacity becomes low.
  • Low Vibration – redesign of internal components significantly reduce the vibration of the housing to 0.2m/sec�.
  • Pipe Lock – pipe is fixed by the locking mechanism preventing it from accidentally falling off.
  • Pipe With Beveled Edge – cleaning of tight spaces can be complete without a nozzle by using the beveled edge of the pipe as a nozzle for hard to reach spaces.
  • Quiet Cleaning – sound absorbing sponge has been added to the internal housing reducing the noise level to 70dB(A).
  • Trigger Switch With Lock On – new switch design includes a trigger switch with a sliding lock on function for longer continuous use without fatigue.


  • Continuous Runtime : 38mins
  • Max. air volume (m�/min) : 1.4
  • Max. sealed suction : 6.4kpa
  • Noise : 70dB(A)
  • Skin weight : 1.0kg
  • Suction power : 45W
  • Tank Capacity : 750mL
  • Voltage : 18V
  • Weight (with battery) : 1.6kg

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