MCC Corner Wrench, 250mm | Model : MCC-CW-250


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Features :

  • Ratchet like action jaw frame. Spring loaded jaw frame provides a ratchet like action for quicker operation in tight spaces, which allows you to keep tightening/loosing pipes in tight spaces. So you can get your job done quickly even in tight spaces.
  • Long Lasting Jaw. Jaws made of high carbon alloy steel with a careful heat treatment provides a long life span with tight grip. The technology developed over the course of 90 years manufacturing pipe wrenches can be seen in the long lasting jaws.
  • The Most Compact Head VS ordinary offset wrench. No jaw-end comes out from the frame versus ordinary offset pipe wrench. The more compact it is, the more room you can get to work with. Designed the most compact head so that nothing would obstruct your operation in tight spaces.

Specifications :

Size 10
Nominal Capacity 1/4" - 1"
Weight in Pounds 1.3

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