MCC Stainless Midget Cutter, 210mm | Model : MCC-SUSMC-02


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Features :

  • · Stainless steel is used for all metal parts. The opening for the cutting edge can be adjusted easily.
    · Sure cutting feel with emphasis on ease of use.
    · You can quickly and easily cut with one hand with the feeling of scissors.
    · Mild steel is designed to have a hardness of 80 HRB or less and a tensile strength of 490 N/mm2 or less.

Specifications :

  • Cut material
    Soft wire
  • Overall Length(mm)
  • Flexible Wire(mm)
  • Features
    The entire metal part of the product is made from stainless steel. "Open" adjustment for the jaws can be done easily.
  • Trusco Code
  • Mass(g)

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