Riland Plasma Cutting Machine with 320 V | Model : W-CUT160-R

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Riland Plasma Cutting Machine with 320 V | Model : W-CUT160-R

Features : 

  • Adopt Advanced IGBT Module technology of the core inverter device.
  • Untouch Start System– Smooth Arc-Striking with HF Control.
  • Continuous adjustment of cutting current.
  • Rapid Arc Restrike– Quality narrow cutting and excellent travel speed.
  • Function Post Gas for effective cooling of the cutting torch.
  • Competitive Cutting Thickness(Carbon Steel) - Recommended thickness: 40mm.
  • Cool Operation, Long Consumable Life–Cutting accessories with competitive price and performance.
  • Engine Drive Compatible– Wide range for input voltage,Select a suitable Engine Drive in remote locations.
  • Auto-Protection against Low air pressure, over-voltage, over-current and over-heated.
  • Energy Saving - Compared with the traditional cutting machine more efficient.

Specifications : 

  • Rated Input Voltage:AC380V±15% 3P
  • Efficiency:85 %
  • Input Frequency:50/60 Hz
  • Power Factor:0.93
  • Rated Input Power:29 KVA
  • Protection Grade: IP21
  • Rated Input Current:44 A
  • Arc-Initiating:H-F,Untouched
  • Open Circuit Voltage:320 V
  • Air Pressure:0.4-0.5 MPa
  • Current Range:20-160 A
  • Recommend Cutting Thickness:≤50 mm
  • Rated Output Voltage:144 V
  • Weight:60 kg
  • Duty cycle at maximum current:60%@40℃
  • Dimension:670*320*640 mm

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