Selleys Knead It 50Gm (Underwater) | Model : SIL-112361

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Selleys Knead It 50Gm (Underwater) | Model : SIL-112361

Features : 

  • Knead IT underwater Epoxy Putty is a fast-setting, fiberglass-reinforced polymer compound that specially formulated to adhere to surfaces exposed to damp, wet or underwater (salt or fresh) conditions
  • The modelling-clay like material elimates drips and runs, facilites adhesion to the substrate and allows the material to be shaoed and formed as needed before curing begins.
  • Once cured, it can be drilled, screwed, sawn, sanded, or painted.
  • Suitable for interior or exterior use

How to Use :

  • Clean surface free of grease, dirt and dust.
  • For best results roughen bond area prior to cleaning.
  • Cut off required amount.
  • Replace disc on remaining portion.
  • Wear gloves to avoid messing hands.
  • To mix, knead with fingers to uniform colour.
  • If mixing is difficult, warm to room temperature.
  • Apply to surface to be repaired (within 12 minutes of mixing) and work the
  • material forcefully into the surface applying pressure until adhesion begins to
  • take effect.
  • Mould to shape if required.
  • If material sticks to fingers, use the plastic wrapper to press the material in
  • place.
  • For a smooth appearance, remove excess and hand rub with water or a damp
  • cloth before hardening begins.
  • Trim away any excess before initial hardening.
  • Remove any residues with acetone prior to initial hardening.
  • Hardened excess may be sanded or trimmed away once fully cured.
  • After 20-30 minutes Knead-It Underwater will harden and begin to form a
  • strong bond.
  • Allow for longer cure times at lower temperatures.
  • After 60 minutes Knead-It Underwater may be drilled, sanded, machined, filed,
  • sawed or painted.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use.

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