Tank Auto Drain (Blue Ball) : Model : AF-HAD20B

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Tank Auto Drain (Blue Ball) : Model : AF-HAD20B

This compressed air condensate automatic drainer is a mechanical automatic drainer which has casting aluminum alloy shell and inside float ball drainage system. Drainer outlet is closed when drainage buoyancy is smaller than floating ball weight plus compressed air pressure; it will open when buoyancy increases, in order to drain condensed liquid.

Specifications :

Port Size: Inlet=Outlet=1/2BSP

Max. Pressure: 20bar

Max. Temperature: 100℃

Max. Capacity: 400L/H

Weight: 602g (approx.)

Instructions :

Before installing this drainer, please use compressed air to remove impurities in the piping till it is completely clean.

Install this automatic drainer beneath the drainage device of equipment, otherwise condensate will be filled and affect drainage.

Operation method : When cleaning, you can use soap water or dish-washing liquid to clean. DO NOT use solvents, so as not to damage the rubber fittings.


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